Insurance Claim Processing – Flood Pro Restoration


Water Extraction Service in San AntonioCleanup and restoration costs after a flood can be high, but you don’t have to cover those costs on your own. Water Damage San Antonio will assist you with insurance claims and other papers as much as we will in restoring your property. If you are an insurance agent or adjuster, we are equally happy to discuss our work with you and provide any necessary documentation you need in assessing each claim. Our goal is to perform the highest quality work in the most efficient manner, a policy that both benefit the residential or commercial property owner as well as the insurance company.


In addition to our work ethic, we have a variety of policies to make the claim process go smoothly for all parties involved. While on the scene at each cleanup, we take extensive inventory of the property, noting all damages on paper, along with the estimated and final costs it takes to complete them. This detailed information allows the adjuster to make quick decisions about coverage, with each procedure being stated clearly in writing, along with a description of the work, if necessary.

We aim to preserve as well as much as possible, as the costs of replacing is often more. Photographs that illustrated where damage had occurred, as well as the “after” look are taken and are available if needed to make a decision. Files containing these items are available both in electronic and print form. We keep these on file for an extended period of time so they may be referenced to long after the job is complete. These can be delivered to all parties involved either through electronic or regular mail.


Our employees follow the standards of the IICRC, the organization that sets the standards in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration. This ensures the work we perform is both quality for the property owner and well as efficient to reduce the costs to the agent. In addition to standard training, we are always interested in continuing our education to learn about the latest advancements and technology in flood cleanup and repair. This ensures we are always giving our customers the best service while keeping costs low.

The energy that goes into restoring a commercial building or home is enough to consume both the property owner and the adjuster. Reading or interpreting confusing claims and other paperwork should not add to this stress. Water Damage San Antonio will work with both the property owner and the insurance company to ensure everyone has paid fair costs and/or is reimbursed for an appropriate loss.